Do we need a licence?

If you are having an outside company to provide the sale of alcohol, you will need a licence and a qualified licence holder on site.

We will apply for a temporary licence on your behalf, and supply suitably qualified staff to run the bar.

Bring my own alcohol?

Sorry, you & your guests shouldn’t be bringing your own alcohol as the licence holder is responsible for all alcohol consumed.  Our prices are comparable to normal pub prices and we will source any special drinks requirements.

Credit Cards for drinks payment?

If you have a mobile signal, we have a mobile chip & pin credit card terminal that can also handle contactless payments.  Never worry about running out of cash!

Drink requests?

Yes, we are not tied to a brewery or supplier so we can get virtually any drink you or your guests might want, including real ales, draught beers & ciders, and spirits.  Just let us know in advance.

How long is the bar open?

The only real limit is the 96 hour restriction from the temporary alcohol licence.  You could in theory, open the bar on a Friday and close it on Sunday.  You can decide our opening and closing times.

Please be mindful of the neighbours!

What do I need to provide?

We are pretty much self contained, but we will need access to:

Running Water
If the marquee is too far for water supply direct, we can use our containers to transport the water.

240v Supply required either mains or generator.